Master of Arts in Religious Education (MARE)


For SINGLE, LAY men and women who

  • are college graduates of any four- or five-year course (preferably with Education and/or Theology units), with good academic record
  • are not older than 35 years
  • have passed the entrance exams and interviews required by Mother of Life Center
  • have the written recommendation of their bishop/ parish priest/ school principal/ or director


  • Deadline for application is on July 30, 2022.
  • Program starts on August 30, 2022 and finishes on June 24, 2023.
  • For the stay-in formation the students are requested to arrive at Mother of Life Center in Novaliches, Quezon City on August 21, 2022.



  • First year (tuition fee, miscellaneous fees etc.): PHP 40 700 (two semesters)
  • B&L for the stay-in formation: PHP 90 000 (for 10 month)
  • Second year (tuition fee and library fee): PHP 12 400
  • B&L for short formation days (Fri evening to Sun lunch)/once a month in the Center: PHP 3500 for 10 month
  • Examination fees and fees for the academic thesis: PHP 23 800

*Other fees may be added if the thesis is not finished after the second year of studies.


  • Full or partial scholarship for the two years formation is available.
  • Scholarship INCLUDES tuition fee, miscellaneous fees, and board and lodging
  • Scholarship EXCLUDES completion of entrance requirements namely, transport expenses and COVID testing, registration fee, monthly allowance, book fees, medical expenses, and thesis application

NOTE: If the thesis is not finished after the two years formation, the required costs for the following semesters will no longer be covered by the scholarship.


  • Participants are requested to fulfill the travel requirements indicated by the IATF, including swab or saliva testing.
  • The Center follows all the health requirements indicated by the IATF concerning social distancing, face masks etc.