Arrival of Students, finally !

(February, 2022)

Last February 6, 2022, we finally welcomed our 15 students to the home of Mary, Mother of Life! After 5 months of online classes and formation sessions, the MOL formation team finally met them in person. What a joy to see their faces and hear their laughter.

A simple ceremony before entering the house was organized: one had to knock at the door by striking a gong three times. Each had to say: “Knock knock” and the ones welcoming will answer “Who’s there?” The newcomer then had to introduce himself/herself and had to show a talent that he/she can offer to the Blessed Mother. A MOL formator then places on the student’s neck his/her MOL ID as a sign of being welcomed into the house. After everyone has arrived, the Song to Mary was sung. She must be very happy seeing her youngest children finally home.

Another joy for her was the arrival of Ms. Waltraud Linnig in the Philippines on February 10 after more than a year of staying in Taiwan due to restrictions on entering the Philippines.