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Saint Theresa of Avila

St. Theresa of Avila

Sue Nellas, 33rd Generation – Abba

I came to Mother of Life at the age of 20. I was young, restless and full of dreams. Taking the road to MOL was far from my own vision.

When Carmelite saints were introduced to us, I was straightaway enamored with La Madre. In an instant I fell in love with a woman whose life is characterized by her own restlessness, love, passion, courage and determination in the midst of suffering, pain and even opposition. She stood tall as she embraced her own weakness and giftedness. Her towering personality is softened by her encounters with her Beloved.

Through her I learned to trust God that I am exactly where I am meant to be when storms shake the sails of my boat. To embrace the grace of God. To La Madre I turn whenever I am running against the wind. So, I am reminded of her Nada te turbe, nada te espante… Solo Dios basta!

Now, in the midst of the pandemic and uncertainties of the world and of individualism and secularism, La Madre is on a mission. The mission to remind us all to encounter our God in prayer so that we may be

. . . Men and women of hope in the midst of darkness.
. . . Men and women of patience when things do not turn the way it should.
. . . Men and women of encounter who finds strength in their communion with the Trinity.
. . . Men and women of communion who cry Solo Dios Basta!