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Prayer, My Anchoring Moments with God

Antonio S. Lumactod, 18th Generation “Earthen Vessels”

I look back with gratitude to God and to my formators for my one year live-in studies and formation in Mother of Life (MOL) Center. Part of my spiritual formation was the daily one-hour silent prayer.

Prayer is an intimate conversation with God; whom we know loves us so much” (St. Teresa of Avila). Prayer is my anchoring moments with God in everything I do in life.

At the beginning, it was very challenging to enter into silence due to external noise and internal concerns. “Let go and let God” in repetition I uttered as I gazed at the Crucified Christ. I exclaimed in silence, “Lord, here I am again to converse with you!” I rested with Him. I meditated “Do not afraid for I am with you, I have called you by your name, You are mine… You are precious in my eyes, I love you.”(Isaiah 43:11-4). Relishing these words, I felt so closer to the Lord; I sensed His gentle and loving presence. I talked to him with an open heart. I surrendered completely my person and life to Him. I sensed the Lord was telling me, “ Tony, trust in the Lord, you shall not tire!”

In contemplative moments, I found solace with God. Awed with His loving presence, I responded “Thank you Lord for your loving accompaniment. I cannot ask for more. Give me only your love and your grace, that is enough for me…your love and your grace are enough for me. I listened again to Him saying, “Tony, “Let nothing disturb you, God alone suffices” (St. Teresa de Jesus). I felt nourished conversing with my loving God.

I ended kneeling and praying the “Glory be” to glorify the Triune God.