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Mary, Mother of Life

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 

“Our Lady of Mt. Carmel will always be my “little cloud.” Her presence in my life brings freshness and energy whenever there are moments of dryness, scarcity, and dullness in me (…) ” – Ma. Cristina “Kitte” G. Santos, 30th Generation / Pearl

St. Joseph

Ite Ad Joseph (Go to Joseph)

“A man of gentle attitude and graciousness – a man who amid confusions and chaos – remained calm, gentle, and peace-loving. He is a man who puts all his passion and affection into the people he loved. (…) St. Joseph whose trust and faith in God never wavered until the end. ” – Michelle M. Avila-Vincoy, 35th Generation / San Jose

St. Elijah

“The passionate prophet marched forward …”

“The passionate prophet marched forward with his mission. His zeal for the Lord could not be overcome by the powerful rulers who wanted to kill him and silence his voice.” “We are prophets by virtue of our Baptism. We proclaim what is true and right. We share the Good News wherever we are. Like Elijah, may we have the ‘zeal’ to speak the truth always and in all ways.” – Jelan Almoguera, 48th Generation / Gaudium

St. John of the Cross

“Nada, nada, para el todo”

“I felt that my own prayer and the prayers of my formators, and the intercession of St. John of the Cross was changing me day after day. The sight of a community, kneeling together in silent prayer and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist every day was phenomenally transforming me (…)”  – Anne Saludes Aguilar, 25th Generation / St. John of the Cross

St. Theresa of Avila

“La Madre is on a mission”

“Through her I learned to trust God that I am exactly where I am meant to be when storms shake the sails of my boat. To embrace the grace of God. To La Madre I turn whenever I am running against the wind. So, I am reminded of her Nada te turbe, nada te espante… Solo Dios basta!” – Sue Nellas, 33rd Generation / Abba

St Therese of Lisieux

My Vovation is love

“As we journey together, we pray that we may always be inspired by St Therese’s way of trust and abandoment to our God who is Mercy.” – Jhie Celis Ramirez, 22nd Generation / Theresians

St. Emerentiana

Model of hidden and joyful service

“The young Sta Emerentiana, who up to the end served and followed St Agnes in hidden service and with humility and simplicity of heart. Inside me is that burning desire to do acts of little kindness that is also mission driven.” – Irene Grace Alba-Guitarte, 23rd Generation / Emerentians

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